Anti-slip barefoot adhesive soles for Beach, Pool, Surf, Gym, Yoga, stick-on protective foot pads

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These amazing adhesive anti-slip stick on foot pads allow you to walk barefoot on all kinds of surfaces without the fear of slipping, or hurting your skin. Great for the hot summer beach sand, surfing, swimming pool, Spa, Yoga, Pilates, walking, beach sports and even climbing!
Made from eco-friendly recyclable synthetic fabric material and non-toxic, hypoallergenic adhesive, they can be used (and re-used) through the day, both indoors shoesand outside in many activities! 
Designed to follow the natural curve of your feet and available in many sizes,
they will wrap around your feet and provide both comfort and a light walking experience, 
while you remain protected from hot surfaces, small gravel and pointy things like thorns.
Not made to replace normal shoes or slippers, but to offer you the comfort you need,
without the worries, annoyances and weight of traditional beach footwear. 
Also great for use indoors to avoid walking on cold floors. 
They will not protect your feet from glass, nails or extremely sharp items.

Use it as an intermediate between walking barefoot instead of using slippers or hard soled shoes. If you hate carrying flip-flops at the beach but can't bare the hot sand either, then this product is for you!

Available in multiple colors and sizes for both kids and adults.


Type: Adhesive anti-slip foot pads
Material: Cotton/Spandex fabric
Water resistant: YES
Recyclable: YES
Sizes: S/M/L/XL

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