....so for some reason, you bought something from us,
but want to return it and get a refund ? No worries !
It happens to everyone at some point,
and mistakes are part of life. We're cool with that.
Here's what cases we cover :

  • You bought the wrong item
  • You bought the correct item but in wrong size, color or amount
  • Someone else bought an item on your behalf but you don't want it
  • The item came damaged from the factory or by the courier service
  • The item doesn't look as you thought it would
  • You simply regret buying the item

For all the above cases, you can simply contact us,
by sending the receipt we gave you after the purchase,
and ask for instructions on how to return your item
to get a prompt refund or one of the other options we offer.
We'll do the rest. Its that simple.
Just make sure you haven't opened the package,
nor have used the item in any way before sending it back to us.
You, however have to cover the return costs.
We cover the return costs only in cases of damaged, unused items.
Once we get the package back from you, we will either / or :

  • Replace the item with the one you wanted and sent it to you
  • Send you something different (at the same price), that you may like instead
  • Send you something similar you may like, but maybe at a different price
    If it costs more, you pay the difference.
    If it costs less, we add a gift card or partial refund to match the price.
  • Refund you the money minus S+H
    or sent you a gift card for the whole amount, for future purchases

Happy? :-)