Our shipping  rates and delivery dates vary, depending on what country you want to send the package delivered to.
In most cases, there are 4 factors to take into account :

  1. Country (if we deliver to it or not -- see the list below)
  2. Item price
  3. Item weight
  4. Item volume (dimensions)

For the majority of freights, courier services, logistics and dispatchers
size & weight are converted to each-other if a package is either too small or too large.
This is because at the end of the day, when a product is shipped,
it has to conform to a certain max size/weight to fit a box or container
and not exceed in order to be eligible for free shipping.

Many buyers are unaware of the fact that any small (and fragile) item that is packed in a large container,
is in many cases more expensive to ship than a larger and even heavier item that fits in a smaller box.
So calculating total fees is a combination of item price, weight, size, distance from source to destination,
number of in-between checkpoints, travel method, and other costs such as insurance, customs, import fees, etc.
All these factors not only add to the total cost, but also affect the delivery date.
Our goal is to minimize all of these factors to the best of our abilities,
so that you can get your favorite items as fast & cheap as possible without any middlemen.

We work hard to find, curate and get quality products straight from the factories
with the least excess packaging possible to reduce fees and environmental footprint without compromising on protection,
and thus provide you with lower fees and better overall shopping experience.
However, this is not always possible as not every item is the same or made at the same place.
In most cases if the product that you buy is small and lightweight, you'll get it at your door at zero shipping fees.

You must be aware, that we deliver all products straight from the factories,
therefore when you make an order that includes different products,
you may receive more than one package in the mail, and in some cases at different dates, 
as they may be coming from various regions, thus affecting the dispatching and delivery dates.
We do not aggregate multiple different products into one package,
unless they come from the same manufacturer (for example different types of shoes, clothes or jewelry).
You will however complete only one transaction that covers every item you order.
In any case of returns & refunds, we do cover the reverse-logistics part.
(read the appropriate section on that)
You will receive all items about or at the same day, albeit in different orders & packaging.
This is part of our process to reduce costs, delays and middlemen.
We do not aggregate deliveries from different sources.
If you like to have a single package delivered to you, we suggest using our Amazon store instead.

Every product in your order, comes with its own tracking code,
which will be emailed to the address you provide during signup.

The average shipping dates are 3-12 days for United States (usually 6-7),
with 5-14 days for United Kingdom and 7-21 days for the rest of the world.
Regardless of your originating country, we do NOT ship to countries that are not in the list below.
If you don't see your country on the list below, then your order will be discarded.
For all other countries, you can find our products at our partner channels available HERE.



  • For purchases of up to $50 USD : $10
  • For purchases of $50 or more : FREE