... It all started with a simple goal, after years of experience
and observation of the "big picture":

So there had to be a better way to find, curate and bring quality products
to people at factory prices, by eliminating the middlemen and their junk.
And fix the process along the way.

The brain child of an Australian technologist & designer
with a knack for perfection who left a 20+ year professional career
of building websites and boring corporate online stores for big brands,
to redo the e-commerce experience "the proper way".

Fast forward a few years later, and we are now a team of passionate people
from all walks of life and parts of the world (speaking 8 different languages)
each an expert in their respective field, from App development to cloud computing
and web design, to logistics, e-commerce, branding, internet marketing, fashion buyers,
gadgets, sports, advertising, love for quality, attention to detail, respect for the customer,
and much more fields, buzzwords and interests that can't fit in a short bio.

Our mantra is simple.
YOU, the buyer, DESERVE a better shopping experience. Period!
We work hard to make it a reality.

There are 6 important things in life

- Time
- Health
- Relationships
- Knowledge
- Experiences
- Money

Each one of the above, has its own interpretation by different people.
But we can all agree that when these are not disrupted, people are happy.
So by saving your time, frustration and money, we aim to provide you
with a great experience and build a lasting customer relationship with you.
Makes sense?

Think about it for a minute ;

Why would you want to waste anything of value to you, in order to get something of less value?
This is something that you'll never hear from a giant corporation's marketing department.
We know, since we've worked for/with them. All they care about is quarterly earnings.
They see you, as a number in their database. Its the truth.

People waste valuable time & energy shifting through endless CRAP at giant websites,
in order to find a good deal and solution, but when they do, they are actually ripped-off in every way.

How do you think the industry can cut 60% or more during "sales periods" ?
Because they inflate their prices through the roof - and guess who's paying the bill?

We hated that, so with SLASH/PRICE, every single product is carefully reviewed, curated, sourced
and delivered to your door, in many cases for FREE - and at the OFF-THE-FACTORY-DOOR price.

To put it in another way, its our job to "kiss the frogs" (research),
and bring you the Prince or Princess so you won't have to bother with such things.
We do it both with advanced automation based on Artificial Intelligence software,
and by having people who have a good taste, read reviews, listen to customer needs,
and above all, know a good product and deal when they see one.
The result, is products that we ourselves would love to buy and use as well as you.
Now, that's a good deal in anyone's book.

We trully hope you like it here.
Enjoy your browsing of our 10,000+ curated products catalogue,
and if you need anything, we are just a click away.